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Feb 4, 2010

A Naga Woman with the soul of the trees

A gift for Chonchuirinmayo Luitui - Yoyo -

A Naga woman flow from Nagaland to this very beautiful place located, just in the middle of the Alps. Was her first time going out of her fantastic land, which was full of trees and fruits, and plants, and flowers, and vegetables, and plums. At her place, the forest decided to give her the soul of the trees for make her stronger than another woman ever will be.

The rains came into the soul of the trees that the Naga woman had inside as a gift of the forest. Rain makes her feel growing up, just as in Wounmainkat people get old. She started to see world different but not the trees. Every single tree, always, called her soul, even when she walked by the corridors of the very big gray building, she wanted to climb them.

People, from all around the world wanted to meet her. All of them could feel her enchant, the one given to her by the forest, just for captivating every single person around her.

She never cried, even when her people was facing another reality, that one of miserable injustice, she always was strong as the forest told her to be. Stronger she was, stronger she still, stronger she will be, because she has the soul of the trees.

Geneva, Switzerland
October 2009

1 comentarios:

Akalaa said...

Sometimes, I wish I am still there up on the tree.