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Jun 10, 2011

From Wayunkerras and Goddesses

To Gloria Boscán Ortiz, Alda Facio Angela Lyte and Angela Miles, Goddesses of Inspiration.
To the spirits of the women that have been attending the WHRI 2011, to all women that have attended the WHRI Program.

Wayunkerra "The first Wayuu Woman
Made with mud by the first daughters
of the Earth"
I was a little girl, but I do not remember how old I was, when my mother, Gloria Boscán Ortiz, one day, took me to the Jagüey[1] located around “La esperanza[2]”, a very beautiful place where I grow up half of my time. The rain had stopped few time ago and she, my mother, was very happy and exited. I was afraid of some snakes that use to winding there, just after the water is coming.  I did not understand very well what she wanted to explain me.  I did not even want to go with her, but she took me there to fight my fears. I do remember, when she told me that Juya[3], the spirit of the rain, come from time to time, to cool the Earth, for giving her the marvellous opportunity, the best gift ever: to conceive.

Gloria Boscán My Mother and
my sister La Potto Boscán
Then I was curious, and absolutely fascinated when we arrived to the Jagüey where    many women and girls from the community were.  The sun was, as usual, radiant, luminescent, shining but was not as hot as always is in Wounmainkat[4].  Gloria, my mom, looking at me with her beautiful smile always, took off her güaireñas[5], for  posing her feet on the mud, after this, she began to, briskly and enthusiastically, stepping the mud as if she was dancing the yonna[6].  She asked me to do the same, I remember having felt so happy, so blissful, in high spirit, right there jumping on the wet clay.  My mother stopped for a moment, she took her wayuu dress up a little, sat on her heels, and introduced her hand into the mud to take just a fist of clay.   Then the life started to be shaped by the hands of my mother. 

Alda Facio - Goddess of the Inspiration
Just some days ago, I was sharing this knowledge with women that have been attending the Women’s Human Right Institute Programme, and I told them the story about the Wayunkerra, who was the “first Wayuu woman made with mud by the hands of the first dauhters of the Earth[7]”, and I just realize right now, that my mother, Gloria Boscán Ortiz, from the Epinayuu clan, is one of those first daughter of the Mother Earth, who taught me how to model the shape of this “woman of clay”, but spetialy she taught me how to give her the spirit and the soul to conceive, not only life, but happiness, and  wisdom. 

Nowadays, if you ask to any Wayuu woman what a Wayunkerra is, she will simply say it is just a doll of clay, static, that don’t move and don’t do anything, but I think most of the Wayuu girls that have been making wayunkerras, don’t give to the “dolls of clay” the soul and the spirit that they use to have.  Now the wayunkerras are dying because they have been replaced for those plastic dolls that are just acrylic makeup and fake hair, full of nothing inside, and without the possibility to return to the water or to the Earth. 

Angela Lyte
Goddess of the inspiration
In the past, the centre of the universe used to be the navel of the Wayunkerra, as she used to be a goddess of Wayuu people, but her power and potency was misrepresented by colonialism and religion.  And I just discovered, thanks to Alda and Agelita,  that Wayunkerra was everywhere, not only in Wounmainkat, but all over the world. Yes, they were everywhere where Mother Earth used to live full of gifts, and not like now, full of wholes that, money-hungry people with their machineries, are making within her body just to get her purity, dignity and power. 

Society, after attempting to kill Wayunkerra, want to do the same thing with Wounmainkat, but they don’t know that Wounmainkat is the mother of Wayunkerra, and they always will be alive.

Nowdays, we need to full the world with Wayunkerras, then she will recover her soul, and her spirit, she will restore her place in the world, that world where women, use to live in balance with men, animals, plants, and the spirits of the Earth. 

Toronto, Ontario Canadá
10th of June 2011
12:41 pm.

[1] Jaguey:  Deposit of water in dry zones.
[2] La Esperanza means in Spanish Hope.
[3] Juyá represents the spirit of the rain for Wayuu People. 
[4] Wounmainkat is the Mother Earth
[5] Guaireñas traditional Wayuu shoes
[6] Yonna traditional dance of Wayuu People
[7] Text of the Wayuu writer Estercilia Simanca Pushaina.

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